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Rugby High School Uniform

School Uniform

The Headteacher reserves the right to decide the suitability of clothing for school wear, especially as fashions are constantly changing.

Your child are notified of their house, on Induction Day in July. The four houses are:

  • Rauf - Yellow
  • Seacole - Green
  • Holmes - Red
  • Glennie - Purple 
  1. Skirt - Pleated navy blue regulation of a suitable length
  2. Trousers - Navy blue regulation.  (If a belt is needed, it should be black or navy blue and have a plain buckle).
  3. Jumper or slipover (sleeveless jumper) - Navy blue regulation (optional)
    Cardigan - Upper School only - Navy blue regulation (optional)
  4. Blouse - Years 7-9 - Plain blue regulation blouse with short, ¾ or long sleeves.
    Years 10 and 11 - Striped regulation blouse with ¾ sleeves.
    NB: The top button of the blouse must always be fastened. 
    Any vest worn underneath the blouse must not be visible
  5. Blazer - Navy blue regulation only.
  6. Tights and socks - Knee or ankle socks - plain navy or black, (white may be preferred for the summer), or plain black, plain navy or flesh coloured tights.  No trainer socks or bare legs.
  7. Shoes - Low heeled leather-type shoes in black or navy.  (Not more than five centimetres for the heel).  Very narrow heels such as stilettos are not allowed.  Boots should not be worn in school but an exception will be made when snow is on the ground.  Trainers and pumps are not permitted.
  8. Jewellery - Students are permitted to wear one, small, plain stud or sleeper per ear lobe and a watch, one discreet nose piercing is permitted. Students are permitted to wear ONE discreet bracelet and / or necklace. Should students choose to do so the school does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to these items.

    Items of jewellery, such as the Kara bangle, and certain items of headwear, such as the turban and headscarves may be worn by students when doing so is genuinely based on manifesting religious or racial beliefs or identity. Where there is uncertainty as to whether an item may be worn under this section, the issue must be referred to the Headteacher.

    Items of jewellery must be removed for PE.
  9. Make-up - No make-up is allowed in Years 7 – 9. In Years 10 - 11 only discreet makeup is allowed.  Nails must be natural; discreet nail varnish is permitted (no bright or dark colours) and must be worn neatly to maintain a smart appearance.
  10. Hair - Only hair corresponding to one natural colour is permitted in school.  Extreme hairstyles are not permitted (please check beforehand if in doubt).  Hair bands, "scrunchies" and the like should be navy blue or black.  Fancy hair slides are not allowed.

All items of clothing must be named

For Physical Education

Compulsory Footwear

  • Sports trainers
  • Football boots with rounded studs, NOT blades

Compulsory clothing

  • Navy knee length football/hockey socks
  • Navy skort or shorts
  • House polo shirt
  • House hoodie
  • PLAIN black or navy sports leggings/skins.

The shorts, jogging bottoms (see below), skirts, polos and hoodies must all have the PE logo embroidered on them. These can be purchased from  or Webb Ellis.

Compulsory extras

  • Shin pads with ankle protectors


  • Navy jogging bottoms
  • Long sleeve, navy, skins to be worn under polos
  • Soft ballet shoes to be worn in dance lessons

It would be preferable if polo tops and hoodies had the student’s name (forename and surname, full not nickname) embroidered on the right-hand side opposite the logo.  We have found this significantly reduces the number of items either lost or mixed up with other students’ clothing.

The same uniform policy applies equally to all students, irrespective of their gender, gender reassignment, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief or special educational needs, subject to considerations of safety and welfare. However, the school will consider reasonable requests to alter the uniform, for example for genuine religious requirements and in making reasonable adjustments for disabled children to avoid substantial disadvantage.

Suppliers of School uniform: 

Schoolwear Solutions 
Telephone: 01162 990910

Webb Ellis
St Matthews Street, Rugby
Telephone: 01788 567777

All items of clothing must be named