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Senior Student Leadership Team 2024

Meet our current SSLT!


Head girl: Joanna Sathyaseelan

Head boy: Yousef Alawi


Senior prefects:

Ariana Boga

Jack Cooke

Eva Diaz-Aliste

Kim Oyugi

Joanna’s plans as part of SSLT:

A-levels are stressful so school should be a fun environment. I will encourage every opportunity for this to happen. I like public speaking and am willing to answer any questions or ask any staff on behalf of anyone if needed.

  • Have more charity events (can never have too much cake!)
  • Promote awareness of the uni application process
  • Create opportunities for us to learn about ‘‘grown up stuff” like how do I study for the UCAT/BMAT, what loans do we pay for in uni, what taxes will I pay for, what’s a mortgage?

Yousef’s plans as part of SSLT:

Your concerns, feedback, and ideas matter, and I will address them seriously to promote a supportive community. I am actively involved, reliable and dedicated to improving our school. I value and implement feedback and constructive criticism. I’m approachable and a good listener and I genuinely enjoy meeting new people.

  • Increasing communication across sixth form years for a more connected community.
  • Implementing initiatives for inclusivity, mental wellbeing, and promoting academic success.
  • Ensuring an environment where every student can excel academically, socially, and emotionally.

Kim’s plans as part of SSLT:

I have a confident, big personality and am welcoming and polite towards all people. I’m talkative and very open minded – I will listen to anything you have to say! I am very dedicated and happy to go forward with anything that is given to me and am very good at leading groups/events.

  • I would like to see more sports teams/active clubs for both lower school and sixth form
  • I would like to see the sixth form supporting KS3/4 a lot more. This could be through revision sessions ran by sixth formers or more sixth form volunteers in extracurricular clubs

Eva’s plans as part of SSLT:

I'm so honoured to have the chance to be part of SSLT at RHS. I joined from Ashlawn and have been overwhelmed with the friendliness and warmth at RHS. I will bring a creative spark, emphasis on compassion, alongside an active voice for students and a very enthusiastic team spirit.

I would love to implement a whole school tutor scheme, where year 12s and 13s could volunteer their help in specialised subjects to year 11s and the rest of the year. This not only aids Year 11s and lower school in the run up to exams, but helps sixth formers with UCAS applications and teaching skills.

Jack’s plans as part of SSLT:

As part of SSLT, I will bring leadership, organisational skills and a commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive environment. My ability to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts will contribute to maintaining a serene school community. 

Ariana’s plans as part of SSLT:

I'm a good listener and I'm friendly and approachable. I'm good at communicating and am responsible and reliable.

  • I want to make the school a happy learning environment for everyone
  • I want each person to feel like they have a voice and make change throughout the school - no matter what year they are in.
  • I believe we should all talk more about mental health, especially during exam periods.
  • I want to continue to celebrate diversity of all types.