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Art at Rugby High School

Art Department Vision Statement

We aim to develop visual literacy so that our students will be able to communicate ideas through visual form and so that our students will be able to read, understand and appreciate visual imagery. In our curriculum there is opportunity for students to generate their own creative ideas and as they progress through the years we aim to instil curiosity, confidence and encourage them to develop their own creative voice and personality: we celebrate diversity of ideas/approach and outcomes.

Art is about problem solving and students are encouraged to experiment, take risks and even identify their own problems to solve. We emphasise the value of failure and how to use this in order to move forward with intent and ambition. At GCSE and A’ Level the students formulate their own personal journey – the destination and the students’ final outcomes are initially unknown and this helps to prepare students for an attitude of excitement for the future and a willingness to be adaptable and open to possibilities.

When formulating their own ideas students are encouraged to consider issues that are relevant and things that they are passionate about. This helps them to develop compassion, empathy and to take their place in the world as Global Citizens; for example, his could be in the form of Protest Art or a more introspective reflection on Culture and Identity.