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Dress Code for Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form dress code is designed to enable students to have more autonomy, compared to wearing a uniform, whilst promoting a positive and professional image that enables students to be role models for the rest of the school, and feel smart and ready to work.

Our aim is to make the dress code gender and culturally inclusive, practical and affordable. We want to prepare our Sixth Formers for the working world, and as such, adherence to a dress code is good preparation for many professional roles. Looking smart and wearing appropriate clothing is one way in which our students show care, kindness and respect and feel confident. Crucially, they are school leaders and role models for the rest of the school and this needs to be shown through their appearance.

At RH6 we do recognise that many workplaces are increasingly flexible towards dress codes. In keeping with this, our Sixth Formers can:

  • Have their hair in any style or colour*
  • Wear jewellery of their own choosing*
  • Have nail colour of their own choosing*
  • Wear Doc Marten boots
  • Wear clothes of any colour
  • Wear cultural clothing appropriate to workplace

*In some learning contexts, for health and safety reasons, students may need to remove jewellery or tie their hair back e.g. in a science practical/ drama practical. This is at the discretion of the teacher.

What students can wear...

** denotes new for academic year 2023-2024

A business suit

Smart dress** with jacket

Smart trousers or skirt with jacket

A shirt, blouse or smart top which can be patterned and in any colour they like.

A tie can be worn

Cultural wear**e.g. Shalwar Kameez/ Kente/ Kaftan

Smart plain cardigan or jumper may be worn under the suit / jacket

Footwear must be leather or made from a leather look or suede material.

ALSO NEW for 2023: in the winter months, instead of a jacket, students will be able to order and purchase a RH6 hoodie** from the school in a range of colours.

What students can’t wear...

No trainers, canvas shoes or trainers

No jeans

No crop, strappy, see-through or denim tops

No mini or bandage skirts: the hem of the skirt should be closer to the knee than the bum!

No tracksuit bottoms

No oversized patterned / logo sweatshirts or cardigans

No loungewear

No leggings

No clingy / “bodycon” dresses: same rules apply as for the skirt

Ripped tights/ clothes with deliberate slashes/ rips


Q: What sort of trousers can I wear?
A: Any suit trousers, but not shorts or denim. 

Q: What sort of skirt can I wear?
A: skirts should be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee and should not be made of a tight or clingy material. 

Q: Are there any colour restrictions?
A: No – your trousers and jacket can be any colour. Tweed or pinstripe materials are permitted. 

Q: Am I allowed any denim?
A: No! Denim or jean-like materials are not allowed.

Q: Do I have to wear a suit jacket?
A: Yes, a suit jacket is compulsory.

Q: What style of top can I wear?
A: A well-fitting shirt or blouse or smart top in any colour: not a crop top. 

Q: Q: Can I wear strappy tops or crop tops?
A: No, you must wear a blouse or shirt of your choice.

Q: In Winter if I want to purchase an RH6 hoodie, how do I do this?
A: You will be able to buy this through the school and choose from a variety of colours.

Q: Can I wear my own hoodie?
A: No – in winter months if you choose to wear a hoodie instead of a jacket, it must be a regulation RH6 hoodie.

Q: What if I come into school not following the dress code?
A: you will be issued with consequence points and may be asked to wear a replacement item of clothing from our school stocks.

Q: If I have sports enrichment, can I wear sportswear?
A: You should bring sportswear with you to get changed into. You cannot wear it all day.