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School Funding

To find out more about the National Funding Formula and how it relates to Rugby High School, please click on the documents below.

School Funding: How you can help in 2022

We are asking parents / carers of our students to write to their MP's to highlight the issue of rising costs and the impact of insufficient government funding on school funding.

This is the letter the school sent to parents / carers in November 2022:

Dear parents / carers, 

The trustees of Rugby High School have written the following letter to our local MP, Mark Pawsey, to highlight the impact of rising costs and insufficient funding on our budget and what this means for our pupils. We have asked our MP to press the government for an urgently needed improved financial settlement for schools and colleges. Rising costs and insufficiency of government funding are causing a crisis that threatens educational provision. It affects us all and we would be very grateful if you would show your support by also writing to your MP and highlighting the issue as a concerned parent, before 17 November when the government is due to deliver its Autumn Statement. You can find your MP’s contact details at

Dear Mark,

We, the trustees of Rugby High School, wish to bring to your attention the increasing difficulties we are experiencing in balancing our budget without having to make cuts that will limit our curriculum, teaching support and risk a decline in educational standards. We are requesting your support in pressing the government for an improved financial settlement as a matter of urgency.

You are no doubt aware of the growing financial hardship many schools across the country face because of steeply rising costs and the lack of government funding to meet those costs. Analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows that, on current government spending plans, schools will be receiving 3% less funding per pupil in real terms by the end of this parliament in 2024/25 than they were 15 years previously in 2010. Colleges will be receiving 11% less funding, and funding for school sixth forms will be 27% lower than in 2010. A survey conducted by the Association of School and College Leaders shows that:

  • Nearly all respondents (98%) said their school or college would have to make financial savings either in the current academic year 2022/23 or future years, or both, compared to last year, as a result of cost pressures. Alarmingly, 60% said they will have to make financial savings both in the current academic year and in future years.
  • In the absence of additional funding, 58% said they were considering or likely to reduce teaching staff and increase class sizes, while 43% are considering reducing curriculum options, and 55% are considering reducing the number of teaching assistants.

Our school is one of those affected, and I have already shared that detail with you previously.  We are gravely concerned for our future financial sustainability, the potential impact this will have on the life chances of children and young people, and the long-term damage that lack of educational investment will cause to national economic growth and stability. As such, we appeal to you to impress upon the government the importance of improving the funding for schools and colleges in the Autumn Statement on 17 November.

Yours sincerely

Mark Grady
Head Teacher