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Philosophy and Religious Studies


The first aim of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Rugby High School is to inspire in our students a life-long curiosity, about the ideas that have shaped our world, that will propel them to keep asking questions and to really enjoy their pursuit of discovery. The second aim is to equip our students with the skills and the confidence to enable them to thrive. We hope to enrich our students’ understanding, not only of the major world religions, but also the philosophical and ethical principles that underpin a wide range of beliefs, whether they are religious or secular.

Students are encouraged to participate in dialogue, to enable self-expression, reflection and ultimately, personal growth. PRS draws upon its multidisciplinary links to philosophy, theology, and the human and social sciences, to investigate different worldviews and to consider the meaning and value of concepts, such as truth and justice, in a variety of different contexts. We want our students to engage with the issues that really matter to each of them, and in the wider world today. The core question which lies at the heart of this endeavour is: what difference does it all make in the world?

Philosophy & Religious Studies is part of the core curriculum at RHS. All our students will study the subject from years 7 to 11. Students have additional opportunities to study Religious Studies at GCSE and A level in order to extend and deepen their knowledge and understanding of philosophy, theology and ethics, and enhance their analytical and critical evaluation skills, as well as their ability to formulate and critique arguments.