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Step 1: Logging in

When your account is set up on eDofE, you should receive an email giving your login details. You can login online here.

Your username will usually be FirstnameLastname and your password will be your date of birth, DDMMYYYY. If you cannot login, try clicking ‘forgotten your password’ - a reset link should be sent to the email address you wrote on your application form. This may be your home or school email address. If you still cannot login, or cannot remember your username, please contact the DofE Administrator.

There is a helpful video on getting started with eDofE online here.

Step 2: Adding your activites

Once you have logged in, you will need to enter your personal details. Then, you will be able to enter your plans for your skills, volunteering and physical sections. You will also be asked to choose a timescale for these sections. Remember, you can always change your choices later.

You will also need to choose an Assessor. This needs to be an adult who has some understanding of the activity and can check on your progress. They will write a report at the end of your activity - without this report, we will not be able to approve your award. They can't be a family member.  You can find information about Assessors online here.

There is a helpful video on entering your section details online here.

Step 3: Awaiting approval

Once you have submitted your plans for your sections, we will need to approve your activities. You should be able to check your 'Section Status’ to find out whether it has been approved. If you start the activity without waiting for approval, you risk being told later that it was not an acceptable activity according to the DofE rules. If you are eager to start and are still awaiting approval, please contact the DofE Administrator.

Step 4: Assessor’s reports

Once you have completed your activity, you will need to ask your chosen Assessor to write a report. This report can be written on the forms that you receive in your Welcome Pack. If you have lost your form, you can ask them to hand write it, but make sure it includes all of the information. Alternatively, it can be submitted online here.

Please ask your Assessor to make sure they have included:

  • Your name;
  • The start and end date of your activities (make sure it covers the full time period);
  • Confirmation that you undertook the activity regularly, ideally one hour every week;
  • The date they are writing the report (this must be after you have finished);
  • Some commentary on your progress and what you achieved during that time.

If the report is not adequate, we will not be able to approve it. If that is the case, we will leave a comment on your eDofE account explaining why and what you can do to fix the issue.

Step 5: Submitting your award

Once you have finished your section and uploaded your Assessor’s report, you can submit that section. We will then be able to look over it and if everything is in order, we will approve it. If there is an issue, we may need to reject your section, and ask you to change something or give us further information. You will receive a comment on your account if this happens.

Once all of your sections are approved, your award will be sent for verification. For Bronze and Silver, once the Verifier has approved your award, you will have finished and be able to receive your certificate. For Gold, the regional DofE office must approve your award as well. Once that step is complete, you will be able to arrange your Gold Award Presentation which will be attended by a Member of The Royal Family.

Messages, comments and queries

If we, or the DofE organisation, need to get in contact with you in relation to your award, we will add comments to your sections or we will send you a message directly through eDofE. Please remember to check your account regularly for these messages.

If you have technical issues with using the website, you may be able to find the help you need on the eDofE Support page.