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PSHE and Careers

PSHE and careers at rugby high school

Rugby High School PSHE Curriculum

The PSHE curriculum across all key stages is designed to ensure that all students are equipped with the skills necessary for the wider world. Our aim is to guarantee that students are well-informed, aware of current affairs, are able to make the right life choices and have the Fundamental British Values at their core.

At KS3 the focus is on allowing all student to explore who they are and begin considering who they want to be in the future. The learning follows a variety of guidelines to allow issues such as RSE, CSE, Careers, and Politics to be covered with the ideal of creating well-rounded students who are self-aware. At KS4 and 5 content is delivered through a variety of off-timetable days as well as regular sessions at KS5. The emphasis is on allowing students to prepare for the future, making well-informed decisions on future learning (A-Levels, Apprenticeships, University) and life choices (RSE, Wellbeing, Careers).

Throughout the PSHE curriculum students are challenged to question the world around them and make their own interpretations so that they become independent, resilient members of society.

Rugby High School Careers Curriculum

The Careers provision across all key stages is designed to enable all students to have equal access to information and guidance to make informed decisions for the future. Super’s Theory of Careers being more than a job and tied in with a life journey guide the principles that are followed at RHS as we strive to embed the Gatsby Benchmarks to provide a quality provision of Careers education for all.

Across the Key Stages focus is on ensuring all students are prepared for their future life after RHS. Our programme encompasses a variety of activities to cover what a career is, why we work, career options and the application process, future career/life choices and a self-reflection on where students are and how they can get to where they want to be. A guiding principle is making students aware of the opportunities that are available for them using up to date LMI. Careers is promoted through the use of PSHE sessions, off-timetable days, focused Careers weeks and appointments to receive independent guidance.

Throughout the Careers provision students are encouraged to engage with outside speakers, and learn that a Career is a life long journey that will have success and adversity, and to face these equally as confident, independent, empowered individuals. 

For further information on Careers at Rugby High School please go to /page/?title=Careers&pid=134


Rugby High School Work Experience

At RHS students are encouraged to undertake Work Experience placements in both Year 11 and Year 12. The principle behind this is to ensure that students are aware of the process in applying for work experience, have access to the opportunities that a placement can provide and are more informed when making a decision on their future career.

Across all Key Stages individuals from a whole host of backgrounds are invited in to RHS to discuss their careers with students and offer them an invaluable service whereby students can ask questions and find out more about different careers. This enables students to make informed decisions when selecting their own provider for Work Experience so that their placement can be as enlightening and educational as possible.

Work Experience is viewed as a valuable tool to enable all students feel empowered when making choices about their future. In combination with the Careers and PSHE programme students leave RHS with the ability to set inspirational targets for their future and achieve them.