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History at Rugby High School

Our History course aims to help students to understand the present by the study of the past. It also develops their ability to assess different points of view and make balanced judgements about human affairs. The skills acquired in History lessons will help many girls in their chosen careers and for others provide the starting point for various worthwhile leisure interests.

During their first three years at the school students study various aspects of British, European and World History from the Middle Ages up to the Second World War. Those who opt for GCSE History will study the Twentieth Century in depth, ‚ÄčElizabethan England and the history of medicine.  A Level students will study the Communist regimes of the USSR and China in the twentieth century and the history of Ireland during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The History course includes an extensive range of activities, discussions and videos in class, along with various visits and field trips in the different years of the school.