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Frequently Asked Questions

What career / university application support is available (especially for those who have no idea what they want to do)?

  • We have a careers adviser.
  • Our UCAS coordinator will go through the relevant forms with you
  • University reps visit RH6 to give advice to you on writing your personal statement, applying for accommodation and finance
  • We help students in their applications to Apprenticeships.Former students have taken up apprenticeships at the BBC, JLR, JP Morgan

What support is there for Oxbridge Candidates? 

  • The Head of Sixth Form runs an Oxbridge group and we also arrange practice interviews for you.

What is the recommended amount of time to spend on homework each week?

  • 4 hours / week for each subject

Can you take 4 A Levels?

  • Yes you can, but we recommend you study only 3.

How many students are there in Year 12?

  • This year we have 159.

How do the free periods work and how often are they?

  •  Depending on your timetable, you usually get 10 Independent Study Periods/week it you take 3 A Levels. 

What do we do in our study periods?

  • You can volunteer once a week (lots of our students do this), you can do sport, homework or further reading round your subject

Can we go out at lunchtime? 

  • Typically you can go out at lunchtimes.

What Leadership Opportunities do you offer?

There are lots of positions of responsibility:

  • You can put yourself forward to be elected to a prefect team: Current Affairs/Charity/Wellbeing/Environment/Learning Support/Performing Arts/Form Liaison Officers
  • You can run for a position as House Captain
  •  You can put yourself forward to be one of the 5 Members of our Senior Student Leadership Team

What music opportunities are available/any performance opportunities?

  • Usually we run a choir, a band to accompany our usual drama productions, students will be given the opportunity to lead ensembles, we train volunteers up as sound and lighting technicians.

What sports/activities does RHS offer?

  • You can join a programme of sporting enrichment on Wednesday afternoons.  You decide as a group what sport you want to do.  It’s a chance for you to get active, play some games and have fun!

What extra-curricular clubs to do you run?

  • Normally we have all sorts of clubs for you to join: Eco Club, Marvel Soc, Creative Writing, Photography, Get Lit, Art.If you would like to run a club yourself, we will give you any support you need.