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English Language

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What our students say

 I chose to study English Language because it was well suited to my other subjects and I was interested in the components we would study. One of the things I like best about it is the discussions we have regarding topics such as language and power where we explore the dynamics within conversations. Next year I’m planning to go to university to study sociology. English language has enabled me to refine my extended writing skills which will be vital for my university degree. 

Hanniya Raza


Exam Board: Eduqas

When we study the English Language we are approaching ‘the human essence’, the distinctive qualities of the mind that are unique to man.” Noam Chomsky.
A Level language is a fascinating and demanding A Level that is highly regarded by universities and employers. Students will find English Language A Level to be very different to any study of English they have undertaken before. Students are encouraged to observe and listen to language in use, question their preconceptions, form hypotheses and test these. Lessons centre on investigation and discussion, and students are encouraged to research living language – a language which is constantly absorbing, adapting and changing.
English Language A Level encourages students to develop their interest in and appreciation of English, through learning about its structures and its functions, its developments and its variations. It allows students to express themselves in speech and writing, producing texts for different audiences, purposes and in different genres. They will need to write analytically and creatively. 

Course outlineStudents will learn to analyse transcripts of spoken language and debate language issues, for example: language and power, language and gender and child language acquisition. They will also develop creative writing skills, and accompanying commentaries. In Year 13 students will also have the opportunity to study Language Change over time and Language in the 21st Century. A Level students also undertake an independent Language Investigation, exploring a topic of their choice, based on Language and identity.


Who should consider English Language?
The course is particularly suitable for students who are considering careers in law, the media, journalism and business, and those who wish to study English Language, Linguistics, English Studies or vocational courses such as speech therapy.  It has strong links to social sciences, as students carry out investigations and undertake research using a range of methodologies.  This subject encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and gives them a strong grounding in the academic principles relating to working with data.  Students will gain confidence and expertise in written and oral communication.   

Student reflection

"I didn't really know what to expect when I started Language A Level but I am so pleased that I did.  The lessons are really enjoyable and my confidence has really grown."

"I am so pleased that I took English Language - I loved studying language and gender as it opened up my eyes to how females use language so differently from men!"

"My highlight of Year 12 was going to the English Language Conference in London, attending lectures and meeting David Crystal - it felt like a university experience."

Entry requirements

GCSE Level 6 in GCSE English Language  Contact: Mrs Gregory, Head of English