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In Performing Arts, it is our intention to develop students who enjoy their learning, to foster a positive and collaborative rehearsal and performance space, to inspire students to shape and refine their work with energy and focus, and to improve their self-worth. They will learn both the creative and technical side of the subjects, including the language of Theatre and Music.  We aim to provide our students with a life-long love of the Arts and encourage students to explore the wider world of performance work and the culture that surrounds it.  We endeavour to equip our students with a plethora of transferrable skills such as confidence, teamwork, communication skills, time management, self-management, discipline and creativity which will allow them to flourish in the ever-competitive world of work no matter what profession they choose to enter.

Welcome to Drama!

Drama at Rugby High School is a dynamic and vibrant subject; it follows a creative and disciplined approach to the study of theatre through a combination of practical, design, and theoretical work. The students’ experience of Drama not only equips them with the knowledge and understanding of a variety of playwrights, designers, practitioners and theatrical cultures, but endeavours to develop their emotional intelligence and critical thinking. We want our pupils to feel proud of their successes, and enable them to be determined and resilient young people who keep trying when things aren’t going the way they desired. It is our aim that pupils will leave our leave school with ambition, positive self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to think and communicate creatively; these skills will enable them to cope with the demands of the modern world, no matter what field they wish to enter. Drama is recognised as a rigorous and academic subject in its own right and is delivered to all students weekly at KS3, with the opportunity to study it further at GCSE and A Level; the department also offers a wide range of learning opportunities outside formal lessons such as theatre visits, clubs, practitioner workshops, and our annual school production.

The Drama club ‘Uproar’ at Rugby High School provides an important opportunity for students to develop a wide range of drama skills in a friendly, informal environment. There is an annual School Production, which provides students with a wonderful opportunity to work with students throughout the school, from year eight to year thirteen. Students also have the opportunity to take on roles of responsibility such as lighting and sound technician, set design and backstage support, and helping with promotions and marketing for the vast amount of examination performances and school productions that we do every academic year.

Our facilities include a Drama Studio which is fully equipped with lighting, video and sound equipment and a Drama Classroom which is also equipped with free-standing lighting and sound equipment. Pupils continue to have 100% success rate at both GCSE and A Level, exceeding both National and Regional statistics.

Extra-Curricular Activities of the Department:

  • Theatre trips to London/Birmingham/Stratford-Upon-Avon/Northampton/Oxford..
  • Workshops by leading practitioners (e.g. Frantic Assembly…)
  • ‘Uproar’ the Junior Drama
  • Annual School Production
  • RHS Drama GCSE Festival
  • Showcasing of GCSE, AS & A2 Drama Practical Examinations


Rebecca Davies (Head of Performing Arts)  - BA (Hons), PGCE –

Nicola Jessop -  Theatre Studies BA (Hons), PGCE Drama with QTS

Miss Brady - MA BA Hons, PGCE Drama