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Day 6 - Transition Work

Good morning Year 11

I hope you had a good weekend and are ready to face some new transition challenges.

Today is getting you to think creatively. Now, those of you who know me (or will get to know me next year) know that poetry and creative writing is very close to my heart. So it may come as no surprise that today's challenge asks you to use your creativity.

Now, for those students who are thinking, but I'm taking science/ geography/ sociology next year and this doesn't apply to me YOU ARE WRONG.

These exercises are designed to get you thinking creatively and that is a key to success in all A Level subjects: any subject will ask you to essentially problem solve in a creative way. I also think you will enjoy them and could produce something brilliant and unexpected.

If you are still feeling sceptical read this short article about famous scientists and innovators:

7 Great Creative Thinkers in History

Here at Think!Creative we have our own supply of great thinkers to take inspiration! Interested in getting to know our team? Call us on 01253 297900

Then, you can either illustrate a poem. learning from the amazing illustrator Chris Riddell:

and / or

Choose one (or more) of these writing prompts to produce something original.

YPN writing prompts for self-isolation – Young Poets Network

Are you stuck at home? Maybe even self-isolating? Fancy flexing your creative muscles? We’ve put together a bundle of great writing prompts from across Young Poets Network’s nine-year history.

Best wishes - I would love you to send me some of your best work!

Mrs DB



Please read Olivia's poem below that was inspired by this task: