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Day 10 - Transition Work

Today's task is about aspirations.

Firstly I would like you to read this fascinating article about pioneering women in British Science: the Royal Society has lots of interesting reads so keep it on your list. (I've also included details of the Royal Institution that also champions the work of Science.)

As always if there are words you don't understand LOOK THEM UP.

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Task 2:

Vision activity: your 21st birthday. Get a paper and pen and write down ideas about the following:

Imagine it's your 21st birthday and everyone's about to say a few words about you:

What would you like your friends to say about you?

What qualities would you like them to admire about you?

When they list your achievements so far, what would they be?

Where would you be and what would you be doing? (in life)

What hopes and plans do you have for the future?


Making some of these ideas a reality won't be easy: but think about those female scientists: about what they did in corsets, with no votes, no central heating, no anti-biotics, no contraception, no wifi, no mobile phones....

Please keep reading and stay curious!

Best wishes

Mrs DB