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Welcome to the Classics Department

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Classics (the study of Latin, Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation) at Rugby High School is flourishing, well loved by students and is staffed by an enthusiastic and well qualified department. All students begin their classical education in Year 7 by beginning to study the Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 which introduces Caecilius – a banker living in Pompeii just before the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. The course helps the students to learn Latin by reading stories and by learning about Roman life in tandem; a truly fascinating blend of language learning and history.  
As students progress into Years 8 and 9, we continuing following the Cambridge Latin Course through Books 1 and 2. Book 2 is set in Roman Britain and Roman Alexandria in Egypt.  
At the end of Year 9 students have the option of continuing with Latin to GCSE, both in the core (as an alternative to a Modern Foreign Language) and options curriculum. During Year 10, we continue with Books 3 and 4 of the Cambridge Latin Course and in Year 11, follow the Eduqas specification of the language paper, background and set texts. For the language paper, the students will refine their ability to approach an unseen translation and comprehension. For the background paper, students will study various aspects of the Roman world, engaging with sources and considering in more depth what life was like 2000 years ago. For the set text paper, the students will study works in the original Latin (a great privilege) and can involve reading such authors as Tacitus, Caesar and Virgil. 
Students can continue their classical education as they enter the Sixth Form. We offer ALevel Latin and Classical Civilisation. Latin A-Level involves further work on grammar and unseen translations as well as reading a variety of authors such as Cicero and Ovid. Classical Civilisation offers the opportunity to study elements of the literature, politics, social history and religion of the Classical Greek and Roman worlds without any prior knowledge and is therefore studied all in translation. We follow the OCR specifications.  
The department also runs classical tours to Rome and the Bay of Naples. It has also taken students for day trips to Chedworth Roman Villa and Year 10 students have an annual trip to Bath (Aquae Sulis).Sixth Form students have the opportunity to attend various study days such as the EMACT Sixth Form Day and have visited Warwick and Cambridge Universities in recent times. 
Ancient Greek is also available to students in Years 9 and above as an extra-curricular activity with the potential to take a qualification in the subject in Year 12.