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Careers mapping

The aim of the Careers programme at Rugby High School is to ensure that all our students are prepared for their future. They will have a variety of opportunities to discuss different career paths and progression and the programme has been carefully designed to encompass the skills and values that we want our students to have when they make their way into the world of work. The provisions we offer allow an open debate and encourages students to explore all opportunities they have in front of them. There is no limitation to what we believe our students can achieve and with the right education and information our students will be able to make well informed decisions on their long-term future. 

Year 7 - What is a Career?

Key questions: 

  • What is important to you?
  • What goals/ objectives do you want to achieve? – now/ 5years/ 10years
  • What obstacles might be in your way?
  • What help is out there for you?

Year 8 - Why do we work?

Key questions: 

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of work?
  • What barriers are in place for the career you want and how can you see these as opportunities to overcome
  • Why/how do career options change over life?

Year 9 - What careers are there and how do you apply?

Key questions: 

  • What career opportunities are available to you?
  • How can you prepare for the world of work?
  • What skills do you have and how do they apply to the different career options?

Year 10 - What are your career/life choices?

Key questions:

  • How can you take control of your future?
  • What is important to you in a career?
  • How can you prepare for the future?
  • How can you develop resilience with inspirational and achievable goals?

Year 11 - Where are you?

Key questions:

  • How can you be more prepared for life?
  • How can you balance pressures, opportunities, disappointments and rewards?
  • How can you be the best you?
  • What do you need to do next?
  • What makes you happy?