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Bus Transport Arrangements

Rugby High School is served by a number of buses arranged by Warwickshire County Council. Further information can be found on their website which can be accessed by clicking on this link

The school arranges three Hunters buses  to travel from Daventry and the surrounding area in conjunction with Lawrence Sheriff School.  We now have a pick up point at Houlton on the Hunters Bus 1 route.  Please refer to the document relating to this service below. 

We also run a minibus service from and to Rugby Train Station.  Details of the current service and charges can be found in the attachment below.

Find out from  Dhruvika how simple her journey is to school from Coventry:

“You would think that travelling from Coventry would entail a long, arduous journey but in reality, with the help of the minibus service provided by the school, it’s quick and easy. My daily routine is considerably shortened because of the accessibility of the minibus service. After waking up at around 7am, my train is at 8:11am from Coventry Station and it arrives at Rugby by 8:22, where we are picked up by Mr Barnard and arrive at school by 8:40am. As you can see, it’s a relatively stress-free process with the train journey itself being very short and it’s the perfect time to catch up with other friends who take the train with you. The friendly atmosphere of the train station also means that it’s easy to ask for help and even take the train on your own if you leave early.  Our afternoon train ride is at 4pm so we attempt to get to the minibus as fast as possible so that we can arrive at Coventry Station by 4:10 and usually I arrive home by 4:20. I hope you consider the minibus service provided by the school because it reduces time spent travelling to and from school and most importantly increases your time to relax.”