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Skiing in Andorra

2018 Andorra Ski Trip

From 4th to 11th February, 40 students from Years 8 and 9 accompanied by Mrs Wallace, Miss French, MissWall, and Miss Steptoe enjoyed an incredible experience in Andorra for the 2018 ski trip.

After an exhausting 2.30am start, we spent a long day travelling to Andorra by coach and plane. The whole journey was filled with a mixture of excited chatter and sleepy conversations. Once we eventually arrived at our comfortable hotel, we unpacked our belongings and explored with our new roommates. The hotel became a great place to relax after each day skiing and the games room was fun to hang out in. There were plates full of great food – a mixture of familiar and foreign – which changed every day. The variety meant we got to try different things, except for the vegetarian lunch: chips, chips, chips! We had lovely evenings; whether it was pizza, bowling, shopping or simply relaxing, we had a fun time.

The views surrounding us were spectacular and held everyone in awe. The Vallnord mountains towered over everything like giants and the snow, which was a few feet deep, dusted the mountainside and completed the picturesque scene. 4 hours a day of skiing was a shock to the system at first but quickly became almost second-nature. On day 1, we split into groups of ability and met our instructors named Mario, Jorge, Alfred and Xeic. Throughout the week, we all continued to progress but not without a few falls and bumps along the way. Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and everyone had a great laugh together. This unforgettable trip has given us new skills and new friends and we will all look back on it with amazing memories.

By Elise Scotney, Year 8