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Classics Club Goes Virtual

At the lunchtime Classics Club, we aim to make learning about the Classical World a fun and exciting experience for anyone across the school. For our most recent session, we explored Ancient Greece and Rome with Virtual Reality Headsets, where groups of students got to take turns making their way through temples and landmarks that we have discussed in previous sessions. These VR Headsets provided a much closer look into the past, and showed a more tech-savvy side to the subject! Everyone was eager to take part as we found that exploring an abandoned landmark or temple in such a realistic way was an amazing experience, and was one that offered a new look at the Ancient World! We had lots of our Classics Club members take part, as well as students who had never been to the club before, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. This was a brand new event for the department, and showcased how exciting and explorative the Classics subject can be! Students got to learn about how the world we discussed actually looked and it was so exciting! This session opened up Classics to many more students who had never explored the subject before, so if this sparks some interest, feel free to come along to another session, upstairs in the Latin Room on Friday lunchtimes!

I really enjoyed the experience. The VR headsets were fun and easy to use, and everyone was kind and shared the headset. The staff and 6th formers were interactive and easy to talk to. Overall it was really fun and I would love to use it again. I definitely recommend Classics club! – Humaira Nalwanga 7G