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Duke of Edinburgh 2022 is up and running

Our Duke of Edinburgh Programme is now up and running.   A total of 118 students are enrolled: Year 9 for Bronze, Year 10 for Silver and Year 12 for Gold.

Mrs Williams who guides the Rugby High’s DofE:  “I think everyone is capable of achieving great things, but it’s often difficult to know what or how.  DofE gives young people  the opportunity to explore so much: skill building, working in teams, learning about the natural environment, endurance, volunteering.  It really is incredible what DofE offers.  It gives young people a confidence that can stay with them for life”.

From our Students: 

“Despite its ups and downs, I really enjoyed my DofE experience and would definitely recommend it. I learnt many valuable life lessons and skills, the most important of which I feel was seeing teamwork in action: learning how I fit into a team and seeing how every member has a unique and equally important role to play. I will definitely carry everything I learned on DofE with me for the rest of my life.”  Elizabeth Hooton Year 11

“DofE is honestly such an incomparable experience.  You mix with people you’d normally never speak to and achieve all sorts of challenges from cows to cooking.” Anna Flynn, Year 11

For further details about DofE at Rugby High please click on this link DofE at Rugby High.