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COP26 at Rugby High

There is a  wide ranging and diverse schedule of COP26 events over the next 2 weeks to engage, inspire and educate our young people.  Mrs Price, Head of Politics:  “Our aim is to help mobilise students, to enable them to have a voice and understand they can make their voice heard.  Even though Young People can’t vote, they can have a say in their future.   They can participate in trying to persuade politicians to act and to put in place measures to reverse climate change.” 

Here are just a  few of the events happening across the school:  a workshop to find out how biology can help some of the challenges of climate change,  from carbon capture to new types of ‘plastic’; a politics seminar to discuss how young people can get involved in trying to change the laws around climate change, an exploration of how indigenous cosmologies understand the place of humankind in nature, and workshops to consider how we can improve sustainability at school. 

The Year 13 students in the photo ,  Hattie Wayne, Lucia Virdi, Felicity Bushill-Cooksey, Jasmina Kooner and Maisie Grinter will be running a Seminar for Year 7 students to keep them updated of the decisions made in Glasgow that will affect them and then to test their COP26 knowledge with a Kahoot Quiz. They will also be running an Art workshop in which Year 8 students will be able to express their ideas about Climate Change. 

Thank you to Edie Henson and Tala Hamish for creating the COP26 logo.