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Let the (History) Games Begin!

Following a long and challenging year, it was decided that 9T3 deserved an opportunity to allow their imaginations to fly and create a project which synthesised their learning for the year. This project was in the form of board games which, combining historical accuracy with innovation, allowed players to find out how to “survive and thrive in the 20th and early 21st centuries". The relatively broad criteria enabled them all to research widely, but I made clear the importance of including instructions! The students, naturally, rose to the challenge, covered a range of famous events and figures as part of their work and made some fabulous designs. After applying the finishing touches, the students all took turns in playing each other’s’ games. Following this, there was an anonymous voting procedure in order to decide the best game and so, many congratulations to Libby O’Brien, Sophie Robinson, Grace Robinson and Madeline Sinclair for taking the crowns and thank you to all of 9T3 for their wonderful board games!

by Mr Phillips