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National Writers' Club Competition Winner

First Steps To Freelancing

Recently, I entered the NCS Writer’s Club competition in which I had to write a blog article about something from a long list of topics, ranging from poetry to exam stress to social justice. I chose to talk about climate change, specifically how its presentation in the children’s film “The Lorax” is so different to the nightmare that’s looming in real life. I thought about the sinking of the Pacific Island of Tuvalu and the freak snowstorm that unfolded over Texas, and wrote about how, despite the terrifying situation we find ourselves in, there will always be hope as long as “someone like you cares a whole awful lot”.

A few weeks after submitting my piece, I found out that I was one of the ten winners! For the next year, we will write monthly articles for NCS Connect (a blog designed to support and entertain young people) on issues that are important to us. I will also be able to take part in two workshops with published authors, and receive a portfolio at the end. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m so grateful for this chance to create regular content for an official publication.

Elise Scotney, Year 11