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Foundation Day 2020

Another first at Rugby High - Virtual Foundation Day

This year  Foundation Day was played out online and students watched the pre-recorded 40 minute event from the (cold) comfort of their form rooms.  Speeches from Mr Grady, our current and former senior student team and from RHSOGS were interspersed with interludes from our musicians and performers.  

When asked afterwards, students all said that they enjoyed different aspects of the recording, from Mr Grady's speech outside, Alisha Naik's inspiring and encouraging speech, the musical interludes underpinning the images of the school past and present and a beautiful montage of artwork.  For the first time, it was possible  to include some drama snapshots too.   Of course, nothing surpasses the feeling of being a whole community when we can physically assemble in one place and can all sing the School Anthem together - as tricky as it might be - and hopefully this time next year shall  see a very different Foundation Day again.

Of course one of the very important things a Virtual Foundation Day does allow us to do, is to be able to share it with the rest of our school community.   Here is the link which shall be available to view until early into 2021: