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Public Performance of Student’s Award Winning Play

Jessica Bryn in Year 12 has written a  play to be performed live and virtual  by  actors at Rugby Theatre

“I never thought my inspiration would come from a game of cards!”  Jessica Bryn wrote her play ‘Cheat’ to enter Rugby Theatre’s Young Playwriting Competition.  She is one of three winners and was awarded a book token and the invaluable opportunity of working with freelance director Robert Sloane.  Over 12 weeks they worked together to hone Jessica’s 20 minute play.  “On my own, I would never have known where to start with editing a play. I have learnt to recognise the power of asides to give more depth to my characters.  I understand how to make my story line more complex and to only use stage directions where it is really necessary.”

Jessica’s play is currently in rehearsals and will be performed live by members of Rugby Theatre via Zoom to an invited audience on December 16th.  A recording will be made of the performance which we  shall able to share  on our website.

Photo: Jessica at the RSC, Stratford