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The 2020 ski trip


In the penultimate week before half term, a group of 39 Year 8 and Year 9 students left for a skiing trip in France. From the moment we arrived in France - and waited for what felt like hours for our bags to arrive - to the moment we landed back in England a week later, the trip was amazing! 

We were split into three groups to ski, and in every group, there were some spectacular – and very funny – falls, life-long skills learnt, and friends made. From learning how to get on a chairlift for the first time, to trying jumps, everyone learnt something and, at some point, tried something new! A year eight said “The trip was a brilliant experience that helped me improve my perseverance and learn not to give up. It was extremely fun and an experience I will remember forever.” After skiing, we had evening activities to look forward to. Personally, my favourite was the luge because this was super fun and exhilarating, but the winter sports evening was also very funny, and the crepe night was really tasty. 

Not only was the trip fun but also an amazing team building experience. From helping each other up on the slope to eating together at mealtimes, we all made lots of new friends. In the evenings we voted on the “silliest fall” and “most improved skier”; whoever was chosen had to wear a funny hat on the slopes the next day! 

One of my favourite things we did, was trying to ski backwards! The first time we did it, everyone went into a massive group pileup and there were skis and poles everywhere! By the end of the week we were slightly better and could just about manage it without falling over. We also did some off-piste skiing which was amazing, as we got used to having thicker snow beneath our skis, and even one-legged skiing which was a true test of balance! 

This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I would have again and again if I could. There were no dull moments and we all now have a skill we will treasure forever. 

Written by Eve Lawson, Year 9