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Important Information - Road Safety

Dear Drivers,

Following several near misses on the road and the drive during the morning and afternoons, I am writing to ask all drivers to take the very greatest care when dropping off and collecting students.  

In the past few weeks, staff have witnessed: cars turning without indicating; cars swinging into the driveway at alarming speeds; parking on the Yellow Lines and Bus Bay; impolite gestures and impatience; speeding along Longrood Road; risky manoeuvres between buses.

I am well aware of how busy parents are, but the safety of our students is absolutely paramount and I would urge all drivers to pay close attention at these very busy times of the day, to observe the highway code and to take the greatest of care when negotiating traffic at the start and the end of the day.  In  particular, observing the Yellow Lines on both sides of Longrood Road, and not parking or waiting in the Bus Bay, and importantly keeping the school entrance clear of stationary vehicles, even if picking up or setting down children.

It is also vital to keep a watchful eye for the many students we have choosing to cycle to school.  They are road users too.

I am writing too to our students to ensure they take care when crossing the road and driveway, and are careful and responsible pedestrians.

Many thanks for your assistance in the safeguarding of our school community.

Mark Grady

Head Teacher