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First Aid Day for Year 10 students

Last Friday Year 10 embarked on what was for many their first introduction to First Aid. We spent the day practising incredibly useful skills that could save somebody’s life. 

We were split into three groups and learnt about choking, burns, strokes, spinal injuries, asthma and heart attacks. We also discovered how to handle situations where you might find somebody unconscious through practical work, and we were taught how to do CPR and move a patient into recovery position. Working with others to complete the practical tasks helped us build our trust with one another and our communication skills as we gave each other constructive criticism. One of the most interesting points of the day was being shown  how to use a defibrillator – everyone found this very informative. Through sessions that helped us to distinguish the signs of a stroke and differences between angina and a heart attack we learnt how to save and prioritise ambulance time.  

Overall the day was incredibly informative and useful, and every student learnt skills that are truly lifesaving. Thank you to Mr Marley for organising the day and the team from Life Support Medics  that came to talk and educate us. 

By Fatima Krida 10H