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Loudmouth for Year 10

Unlike Years 7-9, Year 10 upwards do not have regular PSHE lessons but rather have these days throughout the year. One of these days happened last Friday and was run by the company Loudmouth. It revolved around many issues including STIs, alcohol, sex, consent, HIV and AIDS. Students were involved in workshops revolving around these issues throughout the day and also watched some performances centred around  issues that particulary affect young people.  One of the three plays we watched explored themes of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and told the story of manipulation and physical abuse in relationships. The other two plays showed the awkwardness some may feel when talking to their partners about STIs and the other portrayed what life is like when working in a gang as a drug dealer. After these performances students had the opportunities to ask the characters questions about how they felt during particular moments in the plays. Students then discussed what terms such as radicalisation, modern slavery and human trafficking meant. We were also informed about where we could find help if any of the issues discussed during the day affected us:  Childline, pastoral teams and trusted friends and family members being some of these answers.

Overall, the day was interesting and informative not only did students learn about topics that could affect them but also learnt some interesting facts about things we may have found too awkward to discuss with others. Thank you to Loudmouth for teaching us and Mr Marley for organising the day.

Fatima Krida 10H