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Restart a Heart Day

To celebrate ‘Restart a Heart Day’ students in lower school developed their skills by learning the basics of CPR.

Using the mini Anne dolls that were kindly gifted to Rugby High School as part of the British Heart Foundation’s scheme to ensure more learn this life-saving skill, students were able to learn how to potentially save someone’s life in the future.

The session involved watching a video by the BHF to show how to perform CPR before the students were let loose on ‘Anne’.

Many students were surprised at just how far they had to push down (5cm) in order to perform CPR correctly and at how fast this would have to be.

After lots of huffing, pushing and puffing many students seemed like they had gone through a work out before the dolls were packed away.

Hopefully none of the students will ever need to use this skill but should feel confident that they know the basics of how to save a life!