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Year 12 and Year 7 students take part in the Big Draw

Students enjoy being part of the  National Big Draw Festival

The first day of the new school year for Year 12 students and their new Year 7 buddies.   Together they took part in the National Big Draw Festival 2019, chatting with each other and illustrating their likes and dislikes on large sheets of paper (and occasionally bursting into song).    

From the Year 12 students: “I had never done something like that before.”  “It definitely made it easier for the less confident students to get to know each other.”  “It was such an open and relaxed atmosphere”. 

Olga Dermott-Bond, Head of Sixth Form “The idea behind our induction day and doing The Big Draw was to bring our students together to celebrate creativity and well-being.  As a really friendly school, it seemed the ideal way to start the term.   It was wonderful to see the works of art that the students produced together.”