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Rugby High School students are celebrating amazing GCSE results today

After the success of the school’s A Level results last week, Rugby High School students are this week celebrating the fact that nearly a third of all grades awarded this year are a grade 9, with well over half of all grades are grades 9-8. This is a superb achievement for our students, families and the staff at RHS.

In a year where there were concerns that results would ‘fall’ to pre-pandemic levels, Rugby High School students and staff have actually outperformed pre-pandemic grading by nearly 10%.

Head teacher Mark Grady said: “We are blown away by these results. The average grade achieved by our students was a grade 8 - a real testament to the quality of education students receive at RHS, and proof of our students’ determination and hard work to achieve the very best.  We could not be happier for our students and their families, and they should be rightly proud of such outstanding results.”

“Once again, our outcomes prove that RHS is absolutely the place where you can rely on getting the very best grades and support to ensure you can make successful next steps in life. This is a testament to the incredible work of our staff, and of course, the dedication and commitment of our students and families, working in partnership with us to gain the very best outcomes.“

“I’m sure our students have read the doom-laden news stories about fewer top grades and that speculation is difficult to read when waiting for your results. But I am so pleased to say that the 2023 cohort have been prepared brilliantly, and have achieved incredibly highly. We are so proud of their efforts, and wish them every success in their next steps, the vast majority of whom will be staying on to complete A-Levels at Rugby High School.”

“In more fantastic news for our students, several students, (nearly 7% of the cohort) gained eight grade 9s or more, and 79% of all graded awarded were grades 9-7. We are, quite simply overwhelmed at the success stories of our students.”