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Finalists in 16th Annual Foxcroft Essay 2023

Rugby High School students success in essay competition

Rugby High School students have again successfully represented themselves and the school through their participation in the 16th Annual Foxcroft Essay 2023, organised by Rugby School. This sees students in Year 12 from Rugby, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire invited to submit an 1500-word essay on one of several titles on this year’s theme: Big Data. 

Two of our RH6 students have made it to the 6-person final on 20th March, producing excellent essays on the topic titles:

  • What is genome sequencing? Describe how modern genome sequencing technologies allow for this inexpensive and rapid sequencing of an organism's DNA and then discuss the future implications of this technology in biological research and medicine.” (Biology)
  • “Consider how new methods of data analysis, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, could be harnessed to provide better ‘eyes’ on the data that astronomers are collecting and to help search for the next big breakthroughs.” (Physics).

In tackling a question, students needed to do plenty of reading and research, remembering to record references to textbooks, journals and, or websites. For the final they will complete a presentation of their work and take questions from a panel of judges before the final winner is announced. Last year, Dr Brown accompanied a student to the finals, who received a Gold certificate for her excellent work. The evening includes dinner but no such thing as a free meal as Dr Brown was required to be part of the judging team, along with colleagues from the other participating schools!

Two further students with particular recognition this year receive a Silver certificate for their Biology essays. They just missed out on the finals but made it to the top 12 entrants of another year of high quality entries. There were also four other excellent pieces of work submitted, and those students have been awarded a Bronze certificate in recognition of this.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted an essay and I am sure you will join me in wishing the finalists the best of luck – Mr Koe, Curriculum Lead: Biology & Key Stage 3 Science