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Maths at Rugby High School

The aim of our curriculum is to produce confident and able mathematicians who have reached their potential and have developed mathematical behaviours. To help students take their first steps into the wider world of mathematics.

Mathematics is a hierarchical subject and as such our curriculum is designed to provide our students the best opportunity to progress through their study of mathematics. All the required areas of the curriculum are covered; algebra, geometry, number and statistics. Lessons are sequenced so that the powerful knowledge required to underpin further study is secured as best as possible, by ensuring a mix of retrieval of knowledge and new material.

We use multiple forms of assessment to aid this, in class quizzes and more formal tests. These will always encompass the entirety of the mathematics a student has covered to allow us to know how well they have progressed through their study.

Teaching is in the whole school teaching groups in the first two years. Students learn by a mixture of techniques including routine exercises, investigational course work and by using computers. We encourage the sensible use of calculators. From year 9 onwards the teaching groups are re-organised according to current abilities: thus students approach the end of  Key Stage 3 and GCSE examinations at an appropriate pace. Every term, a group of students produces a Mathematical Magazine which is used throughout the school and every pupil is entered for the UKMT Maths Challenge in every year that they are studying mathematics.