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Welcome to the Mathematics Department

We aim to foster the enjoyment of Mathematics while supporting the girls in becoming fluent, insightful mathematicians. Girls will continue to learn about calculation, algebra, shapes and statistics and will improve their skills in problem-solving. We place emphasis on the development of their ability to reason logically,  and to communicate using symbols, diagrams and graphs. 

Teaching is in the whole school teaching groups in the first two years. Girls learn by a mixture of techniques including routine exercises, investigational course work and by using computers. We encourage the sensible use of calculators. From year 9 onwards the teaching groups are re-organised according to current abilities: thus girls approach the end of  Key Stage 3 and GCSE examinations at an appropriate pace. Every term, a group of girls produces a Mathematical Magazine which is used throughout the school and every pupil is entered for the UKMT Maths Challenge in every year that they are studying mathematics.