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Day 8 - Transition Work

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today's task is full of joy and it starts with one of my favourite children's illustrators - not just because he is from Belfast, like myself, but because he is brilliant.

I would like you to watch the Ted talk by Jeffers "An Ode to Living on Earth".

Then I would like you to think about something you really like: it could be your favourite subject at school, it could be your pet rabbit, it could be your favourite song.

I would then like you to write an "ode" about it.  An ode is a piece of writing that praises something. Think about the details, all the little things. it should bring a smile to your face when you write it.

If you are after a further challenge, think about the most complex idea, theory or topic you studied at GCSE: can you turn it into a children's book by making it really simple and clear?

As ever, I would like to see your ideas.

Best wishes

Mrs DB