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Day 7 - Transition Work

Today's reading and tasks all revolve around MONEY: it does, unfortunately make the world go round so it is important as young adults you understand and consider the role Economics plays in our lives.  Of course, for those of you studying Economics and Business Studies money will be on your mind, but it is something that we all need to grapple with!

Task 1:

Watch this Open University video about the history of money:

It would be a good idea to practise taking some notes from this: can you jot down key terms and definitions and present it in a way that makes sense to you?

Task 2:

Next, a little bit more advanced / interesting, watch this short video on Economic concepts:

Again, what notes can you take?

One of the key features of A Level life is wider reading, so with this in mind, I would like to introduce you to the excellent writing of Kate Raworth, who has written "Donut Economics" - it seems very relevant at the moment when the Economy is in trouble!


At Rugby High School we have a huge tradition of running charity events and thinking of others.  It's one of the ways we "set heights in our heart". With this in mind I would like you very much to think about what you can do - either with your family or friends - during the lockdown to help UK charities which are really struggling right now. The 2.6 challenge is great fun and there are loads of ideas on the inspiration page.

As ever I would love to hear your ideas and action!

The 2.6 Challenge - Save the UK's Charities

Take on the 2.6 Challenge and save the UK's Charities

Best wishes

Mrs DB