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A Windy Day for Year 8s

Wind Power Science Competition

.Last Friday ten girls in year 8 headed off to LSS for the day for a science competition about wind power. We had to complete challenges such as building our own wind turbine in order to create the most power. We also had worksheets to complete in teams of 5. From RHS there was the "Windeez" and "team 007". Throughout the day we had to attempt the maths challenge, in which we had three attempts to distribute the right amount of energy over four cities whilst making the most money. After we had handed in our worksheets and tested our windmills, one of the senior wind turbine designers of General Electric, who sponsored the event, gave a talk on how wind turbines produce energy, and about the progress that has been made in Rugby. After this came the part we were all waiting for: the presentation. 
Windeez came 1st in the maths challenge out of 12 teams from different local schools and 2nd overall. 007 came 4th in the maths challenge and 8th overall. Thank you to Mrs Goodwin for taking us. We all had a great time!
Heather Dargie 8S