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Operating Theatre Live comes to Rugby High

A  day of dissections and operating theatre practice for Y12 and Y13 Biology Students.

Thanks to a very generous donation from Rugby Round Table and the PTA, the students were provided with an experience from Aspire to Inspire, an interactive hospital operating theatre, that gave them an insight into the workings of a  hospital theatre and the inside of a pig!  Students also gained an understanding of the application process of applying to medical courses and the importance of communication as a skill that is valued by universities and colleges who provide Biomedical and medicine courses.

 The day included a combination of lecture-style talks followed by practical activities such as how to interact with your patient, prepping them for surgery and then on to dissection techniques such as brain and eye removal, using pig heads.  They were also taught about the digestive and respiratory systems, and were given a real sample to examine and dissect.  “It was an incredible day.  I got a real feel for what it must be like to work in an operating theatre.” Y13 student.  “I’ve never done anything like this before.  I have learnt so much.” Y12 student.