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Year 7 Netball Match Report

The Rugby High School, Year 7 netball match was a great success. We won 12-1 and the team players really came together as a group. The squad were against Rugby Free School and weren’t defeated or unnerved and every team player worked hard and played a fair match. The players were Orla (WD), Ivy (GS), Ella (GA), Sofia (GD), Izzy (WA), Chloe (GK) and Jess (C).

Ella said,” It was so fun playing and I could see how everyone worked together so well, we made such a great team.” Orla said,” Our passes were strong and quick and our interception was fabulous.” Sofia said,” If it wasn’t for our coach, Ms Wallace, then our team would not have come through.  I think everyone’s position was as important as the next. I am so proud and privileged to be part of Rugby High School’s netball team.” Florrie was our team supporter and helped us better ourselves and believe in ourselves.  She was a great help in making us achieve our goal.

Thank you to everyone who supported and helped our team.

By Sofia England