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Celebrating National Poetry Day

It was certainly a day of celebration last Thursday with the whole of the school participating (in one way or another) in the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day. Every student had the opportunity to listen to performance poets and animated poems during form time and they were able to use their creative side by writing poetry in all English lessons. There was also a buzz of activity during break time in the foyer as many students worked together to participate in the 'three lies on truth' poetry activity. Across the curriculum National Poetry Day was celebrated too: from creating poetry in the form of live theatre in Drama to poetry about colour in Spanish, from Year 13 Sociology students creating poetry about why official statistics show a gender difference in offending rates to Year 12 Psychology students making beautiful poetry about obedience, the school community immersed themselves in all things poetry. Mr Grady made guest appearances across the whole school, during lesson time, with subject appropriate poems and the celebration culminated in a lunch time open mic session where students and staff  joined together to read, listen and appreciate poetry; it really was a special day and Mrs Gregory would like to thank all students and staff for participating and celebrating with such enthusiasm!


From Ruby Ward in Year 9:

In Celebration of National Poetry Day, the school set up many different activities including a ‘Three lies, one truth’ activity in the reception during break and lunch.

The activity required you to come up with three statements that were lies and one that was true and to make a poem which included all of them. Many people took to the challenge and plenty of amazing poems were written. One student said, “I think that it is a very interesting idea and I really enjoyed writing a poem based on it.”

There was also an open mic session in the drama studio at 1:25 where students and teachers alike read out fantastic poems to an audience. The poems ranged from sad, to funny, to heartwarming and everything in between. One student said, “I loved hearing all of the incredible poems be read out!”

Thank you to everybody who took part by either writing a poem or by going to the open mic session and reading out a poem themself.