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Welcome to the Biology Department

A-level Biology

Coming up in Autumn 2017

Operating Theatre Live!

November 15th 2017 (£15)

Your chance to do something completely new at RHS!

In a nutshell, they operate the UK's only approved licence for the use of all class animal by-products for educational purposes. We take the systems of the human body and bring them alive in the educational setting.

Plus you get to look like a real surgeon!

Drosophila Workshop

14th December 2017 (free) & January 2018

We are joined by Professor Kevin Moffat from the University of Warwick. He will be conducting two workshops covering patterns of inheritance using the Fruit Fly.

This is an excellent (free) opportunity to extend your understanding of this topic, using a hands-on approach to see what happens.

In terms of the content of the two sessions:

  • In the first session in December there is a talk from Professor Kevin Moffat about how flies procreate.
  • Then they will pick a selection of males and females from a wild type bottle. Warwick provide males and virgin females (flies) and we knock them out and add them to a vial, let them recover and take them back to the University to breed. 
  • They will bring them back and their babies four weeks later, in January 2018.


Please click on the links below to see the content for the GCSE curriculum.