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MFL at Rugby High School

The aim of the RHS MFL curriculum is for students to develop a life-long love of languages. Our curriculum is designed to ignite in students an interest and enthusiasm that will lead them to be confident communicators who understand the importance and practical value of speaking a foreign language.

In lessons our students are exposed to the target language and are encouraged to use it themselves as much as possible. We focus on developing an understanding of the culture in the countries where the language is spoken, as well as the skills to be proficient language learners. We want to develop our students’ confidence to take risks and express themselves creatively and spontaneously, as well as their independence and resilience when faced with challenges.

Our shared goal is for students to experience and feel the sense of achievement and joy that comes from being able to communicate in another language - whether one that they are learning now or in the future – and that language learning equips us with a practical skill that truly enriches your life.

RHS Spanish GCSE Curriculum


At RHS we follow the AQA GCSE which divides teaching into three broad themes, within each theme are a number of topics and subtopics.

These are the three broad themes:

  1. Identity and culture
  2. Local, national, international and global areas of interest
  3. Current and future study and employment

Our curriculum focuses on development of all four skills; reading, listening, speaking and writing, as well as translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.  We focus heavily on the development of the use of language spontaneously in speaking and in writing.  Our curriculum is planned to make learning engaging and relevant to our students and is based on the AQA published scheme of learning.

The outline of our curriculum below shows what we will cover and when we plan to do so, however this is flexible, depending on students’ responses to the topics and grammar we may spend more or less time on specific topic areas. Many areas of our GCSE curriculum are introduced at KS3, therefore some topic areas will require revision only.   The curriculum will ensure that students are fully prepared for success at GCSE and will equip students with relevant skills to take out and use in the wider world.

Teachers will use a range of resources to deliver the curriculum but each student will be given a copy of a textbook for use during the two year course.

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