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Hunting for Dark Matter

Students from Years 12 and 13 have been inspired by a visit to CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider.  

During the visit on 16th July, the students discovered how CERN is helping to answer some of the most fundamental questions; how did the Universe begin? What are the basic building blocks of matter?

Estella Haynes said, ‘It was such a fantastic opportunity to visit the most famous Physics experiment in the world and I’m really inspired to learn more about Particle Physics in my next year studying A-level’. Jasmine Simms, who is hoping to make Particle Physics her career said ‘Meeting the research scientists was a real highlight. With the more powerful machine, they are hoping to detect dark matter, which will help explain the behaviour of the galaxies and ultimately, the fate of our Universe. I’d love to work there one day’. Eva Woodbridge from year 13 said ‘it was brilliant to visit after studying Particle Physics at A-level as it made what we were seeing much more understandable and was fascinating to see the real thing after previously seeing images in books and online’ .